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a man drinking from a cup

Mark D

Taproom Manager Joined CBC in 2012

What is your favorite Confluence beer? Or, If you could only drink one beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Long Ride Pale Ale

What is your favorite Confluence story?
One of the first conversations I had with owner, John Martin, about employment at Confluence was in the taproom during the first Halloween party- while dressed as Edward Scissorhands... I literally didn't know what to do with my hands. Luckily he didn't hold that against me!

Any random facts about yourself?
Dog dad, homebrewer, and two time drinking pants pageant champion. (Hoping for a threepeat)

What celebrity do people think you look like?
I get confused for Jesse Stock quite a bit

What does “craft beer” mean to you?
When I hear "craft beer", it inspires thoughts of hard work, team work, camaraderie, good people, good times, great stories, and of course, delicious beer

How do you like your eggs?
Sunny side up on top of hash browns, onions, peppers, bacon, and cheese. A glass of bourbon barrel aged Russian imperial stout wouldn't hurt either